MagnoItch (50gm)

Herbal Anti Itching Cream

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Calms & Soothes Itchiness & Irritation

  • Treatment of Itching due to Dry Skin
  • Useful for Fungal and Bacterial Infections
  • Safe for Itching in Private Parts
  • Clears Ring Worms & Eczema
  • Useful for Anal & Vaginal Itching
  • Repairs Damaged Skin & Restores Skin Quality

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MagnoItch Anti Itching Cream – hydrates, calms and soothes itchiness and irritation due to dry skin, effective for fungal infection and bacterial Infection. Effective for itching in private parts.

Calms & Soothes Itchiness & Irritation

Repairs Damaged Skin & Restores Skin Quality

Clears Ring Worms

Relaxes Irate Skin

Removes Itched Dead Skin

Why Green Cure?

German Engineering Meets Indian Ayurveda

Formulated by German Scientists & Ayurveda Experts to leverage Western Technology & Indian Wisdom of Ayurveda

Herbal & Ayurvedic

Internationally Certified & Scientifically Proven Ingredients to ensure quick action. Effective from first use itself

International Standard

Created in accordance to European Union Norms. Certified under Made Safe Australia as Made Safe, Non Toxic & Cruelty Free

Safe for you & your Family

Free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic Colour, SLS (Sodium Laurl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

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Doctor Recommended

All our products are recommended by 100+ Doctors and completely safe for you and your family. No doctor prescription required.

MagnoItch - Herbal Anti Itching Cream

MagnoItch - Herbal Anti Itching Cream

Natural & Herbal Ingredients

Calendula Green CureCALENDULA (गेंदा का अर्क)
Calendula has re-epithelizing, wound healing and anti inflammatory properties.

Microsilver has strong antibacterial and calming properties, helps fight itching and redness with long lasting effect.

ZINCUM Green CureZINCUM (यशद भष्म)
Zincum is characterized by anti-inflammatory, astringent properties and has a soothing and drying effect.

Scientifically Proven

  • WebMd enumerated Rashes, Wounds, infections, acne and healing can be cured by Calendula
  • Healthline recommends Zincum for calming the skin
  • A Scientific Research delivered the efficacy of Microsilver for Anti-Bacterial & Mechanical.

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6 reviews for MagnoItch (50gm)

  1. Shyam thapa

    It’s really works and effective product.

  2. Honish Bhatia

    Highly effective anti itching ointment!

  3. Aamir zaman khan

    This is very effective product I must say…

  4. Urmilla

    Greencure Magnoitch is really very effective on fungal and bacterial infection in this hot weather.

  5. Mukesh

    I apply it every day because of dry and hot weather. Very useful herbal solution.

  6. Mrinal Gokhale

    This is a great product for this summer! Helpful in eczema.

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