Golden Glow Cream (50gm)

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Golden Glow Advanced Brightening Cream

  • Helps to obtain glow and an even skin tone
  • Contains an innovative peptide for skin pigmentation and spot correction
  • Includes a light sun protection to prevent sun damage
Green Cure Promise
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Why Afleur?

Designed by German Scientists

Our formulations are designed by German Scientists as per European Union Norms which has one of the highest Safety Standards

Spot Corrector & Sun Protector

Spot Corrector with Antioxidants & Sun Protection. Reduces dark spots, lightens the skin, improves skin clarity, evens out skin tone and prevents pigmentation. A combination of a broadband filter (UVA and UVB).

High Performance Glow Cream

Designed specially for the modern woman for advanced glow and brightening. Fortified with herbal actives.

Retains Youthful Skin Elasticity

Designed to keep skin elastic & youthful with anti aging & anti wrinkle properties for an age defying you

Safe Ingredients

Advanced Whitening Peptide
New and patented spot-correcting technology with fast dermal penetration. Extensive studies have proven excellent safety and stability profile which targets multiple steps of skin pigmentation. It acts as inhibitor of melanin transport and as blocker of all three melanin-generating enzymes. Non-irritant and non-toxic.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C repairs the collagen and increases the synthesis of collagen. Both result in a firming effect for the skin. It helps in the improvement of skin complexion, giving an even tone. It is a very strong antioxidant.

It is non greasy and is used as a physical light protection filter in tropical application forms and has very good absorption effects on UVA ray.

Magnolia Bark
Magnolia a bioactive linkage that has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss.


How To Use

Step 1: Clean Face & Pat Dry

Step 2: Apply over Face & Neck

Step 3: Apply When Required, at least Once in the Morning

What’s in Green Cure

✅ Designed by German Scientists – International Standard and as per European Union norms

✅ Superior Quality – Certified Made Safe, Cruelty free, Certified Ingredients and Scientifically Proven Actives

✅ No Side Effects – Free from harmful chemicals

What’s in other common brands

❌No new formulations used; No innovation & differentiation

❌Uncertified active ingredients

❌Harmful chemicals – EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic colour, Fragrance and Steroid


When to Apply?

You can apply it whenever required. It is preferable to apply at least once in the morning.

Is it Safe for Me?

All our products are created as per European Union norms which are one of the highest standards. Our products are free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic colour, Artificial Fragrance and Steroid.

Does it Work on Oily Skin?

The cream is non greasy and can be freely used on oily skin.

Does it Work on Dry Skin?

The cream has moisturizing effects and can be used in dry skin.

41 reviews for Golden Glow Cream (50gm)

  1. Divika

    After one month of using golden glow, people started noticing the glow on my face. Awesome product!

  2. Ankita raj

    This is a wonderful skin glowing product, and absolutely my favorite.

  3. Pallavi jain

    I bought golden glow cream recently and it is one of my best decision in the recent weeks. I feel my skin soft after using this cream. More than better than other blighting cream.

  4. Garima Gupta

    Golden glow has made my skin soft, glow and beautiful. Love it!

  5. Ruchi Kapoor

    My friends appreciated me in party “Tum to Party ki Shaan ho”.

    Must use this.

  6. Sonam Mittal

    very nice product i feel smooth & glow. Recommended

  7. Rachna

    Good product.. need to apply daily but

  8. Sharrmistha Ganguli

    Good results !!

  9. Dr Vandana

    High result product
    Safe product – no harmful chemicals

  10. Deepali

    Got very good result after using this

  11. sonu

    highly effective cream

  12. Anand

    Excellent product

  13. Sharrmistha Ganguli

    My dull skin repaired. Feeling smooth.

  14. Astha

    It gives you glow face. Awesome!!!

  15. Aayushi Vashisth

    Golden Glow excellent results. I appreciate & recommend

  16. Aaniya Arora

    Good product…really effective..highly recommended..

  17. Priya Solanki

    Perfect cream….reduces rough texture of skin

  18. Shweta Aggarwal

    Fabulous product…smooth and soft cream

  19. Aparna Jain

    Great product without any side effects…free from chemicals.

  20. Komal Das

    I feel more confident my skin now smooth. Thanks to Green Cure

  21. Shivi

    Good Resulting Product

  22. Preeti sharma

    Great product… highly recommended….

  23. Swetha

    I am very happy with this product and i can suggest to all customer for buy this product.

  24. Bhavika

    Highly effective – my skin charming even my friends notices

  25. Sheetal Dalal

    I have been using Golden Glow cream. I have sensitive skin and my skin is so skeptical to use a lot of chemicals which causes rashes, itching, acne. So I have to always make sure to use one product which works perfect way to take care my skin. I found this product perfect on my skin…really effective cream

  26. Manisha Saroha

    Golden glow advanced brightening cream is really effective…great product without any side effects….free from carcinogenic and allergen chemicals…really wonderful product…

  27. Surabhi Mehra

    I am thankful for this wonderful product introduced by Greencure. It’s really helpful.
    Great product…highly recommended

  28. Aarushi kakkar

    Look beautiful and feel beautiful with Golden Glow!
    I love using it….

  29. Payal Jain

    Golden glow cream is a Great product, really effective….youthful look. It helps in reducing rough texture of skin. Really a perfect cream

  30. Shilpi Gupta

    nice cream with no side effect.

  31. Bena

    Nice product. Nice and smooth.

  32. Riaz palat

    Awesome product good and packing good and fast delivery.

  33. Usha Devi

    very good fairness cream in a economic price.

  34. sonu

    Go for it if you are looking for any glow cream

  35. Shalini das

    i was having a very rough skin. one of my friend suggested it to me. now i feel smooth.

  36. Anand

    excellent fareness cream

  37. Sonia

    The cream is good for the daily uses and the quantity and quality both are good

  38. Ajay Kumar

    I used this product and got satisfactory result very recommended.

  39. Anita

    Good face glow

  40. Rashmi Singh

    its a very smooth and soft cream.

  41. Chitra Sharma

    i am feeling good after applying the cream on my face.

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