Afleur Anti Pollution Detox Cream (50gm)

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India’s First Anti Pollution Detox Cream for the Modern Woman

  • Helps the skin to fight against daily stress and environmental conditions
  • Forms a protective barrier on the skin
  • Combined with natural active ingredients for stress protection and anti aging
  • All in one solution to provide power to the skin to face the urban lifestyle
Green Cure Promise
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Why Afleur?

Designed by German Scientists

Our formulations are designed by German Scientists as per European Union Norms which has one of the highest Safety Standards

Designed for Sun-Stressed Skin

Sun Protection Broadband filter with dual UVA & UVB protection. Prevents UV-induced skin damage on a cellular level

Multipurpose Urban Protection

Designed specially for the Urban lifestyle. Useful for tensed skin & protects against pollution. Creates a protectant barrier against harmful environment

Retains Youthful Skin Elasticity

Designed to keep skin elastic & youthful with anti aging & anti wrinkle properties for an age defying you

Safe Ingredients

A natural, “urban protection” active ingredient especially developed to deal with the modern life. The superior thermal protection combines with cell protection properties to provide global skin-protection against environmental stress attacks on the skin.

Tara Spinosa
It acts as a natural non-occlusive protective barrier against external toxins and irritants with lifting properties.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E has a broad spectrum of positive cosmetic effects. It promotes wound healing by its cell regenerating and anti-inflammatory action and reduces skin damage by UV radiation. Also, it has a significant smoothing effect on the skin.

Magnolia Bark
Magnolia a bioactive linkage that has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss.


How To Use

Step 1: Clean Face & Pat Dry

Step 2: Apply over Face & Neck

Step 3: Apply When Required, at least Once in the Morning

What’s in Green Cure

✅ Designed by German Scientists – International Standard and as per European Union norms

✅ Superior Quality – Certified Made Safe, Cruelty free, Certified Ingredients and Scientifically Proven Actives

✅ No Side Effects – Free from harmful chemicals

What’s in other common brands

❌No new formulations used; No innovation & differentiation

❌Uncertified active ingredients

❌Harmful chemicals – EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic colour, Fragrance and Steroid


When to Apply?

You can apply it whenever required. It is preferable to apply at least once in the morning.

Is it Safe for Me?

All our products are created as per European Union norms which are one of the highest standards. Our products are free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic colour, Artificial Fragrance and Steroid.

Does it Work on Oily Skin?

The cream is non greasy and can be freely used on oily skin.

Does it Work on Dry Skin?

The cream has moisturizing effects and can be used in dry skin.

89 reviews for Afleur Anti Pollution Detox Cream (50gm)

  1. Rashmi

    awesome product. ordering again

  2. Barkha

    Such a wonderful product!

  3. Shilpa

    Quite helpful for protection against pollution.. my face is much cleaner when I return from office

  4. Kritika

    Really happy! this cream makes my skin smooth and reduces all the dryness of my skin

  5. Seema

    It works well as it claim 🙂

  6. Aparna

    Really effective as a anti wrinkle cream

  7. Sarika

    Using it for few days and it’s really good.!

  8. Prachi

    I’m using this cream daily and it reduces all the dryness from my skin.

  9. Basanti

    It’s natural product reduced my age spots.

  10. Sunaina

    It works also on my sensitive skin

  11. Chandika

    Delivery is a bit slow..product is amazing

  12. Anchal

    Fantastic cream for pollution

  13. Sania

    I want the cream as soon as possible.

  14. Kirti

    I’m very happy with the use of it.

  15. Malini

    Not so fast delivery

  16. Komal

    I’m so happy my skin is brightening!

  17. Rithi

    Easily absorbed but the texture can be improved

  18. Kajaal

    Best non greasy cream I’ve ever used.

  19. Kiara

    Best cream to fight against pollution.

  20. Vaishali

    It is the worst cream I’ve ever used.

  21. Astha

    I’m loving it…!

  22. Ushrika

    Effective to protect skin from sunlight

  23. Rekha

    By using raffle my skin feels more hydrated supple and youthful.

  24. Susmita

    I highly recommend this cream to everyone.

  25. Sarita

    Very nice and effective.

  26. Namrata

    Nice daily cream. I use it in the morning. Initially, I didn’y see much difference but over time my skin in so much better and softer

  27. pankhuri

    After using my skin reduced appearance of wrinkles. Nice product

  28. neelam

    it was a pleasure buying from green cure. i will buy more. thanks

  29. Ritwika

    perfect cream for daily use.. i applied on my face and after 7 days i could see my skin was much more smother and clearer..perfect for those who are going to office everyday

  30. Arpita

    Excellent product, I recommend to all

  31. Shweta

    Great service. Will use this service again

  32. Aarohi

    Always great service and product

  33. Mallika

    Very impressed! Provider was great!

  34. Aarohi

    ordering again

  35. poonam

    Amazing cream!

  36. Sania

    Good product for skin. But texture can be improved

  37. Rashmi

    It was well packaged, quickly delivered and a good price.

  38. Anjali

    Good service

  39. Binto

    Try it you won’t be disappointed!

  40. Mahi

    I read about this product and brand on FB. Nice products

  41. Pratiksha

    awesome service as always!

  42. Neetu

    Great experience, I will be ordering again!

  43. Rakhi

    Excellent service, quick and easy on line purchase,
    Delivered when i was promised, so really pleased with Cream Supplies.
    Thank you

  44. Aahna

    Very quick, exactly as advertised

  45. Phanita

    I’m very pleased with this cream

  46. Shilpa

    below expectations

  47. Ambika

    I received the cream today.nice packaging. thank you

  48. Avni

    Great product, great price!

  49. Jhanvi

    2nd time buying. Makes the skin soft.

  50. Sunakshi

    it took 6 days to get the product

  51. Pihu

    I ordered two

  52. Amita

    I tried a sample and really liked it.. purchased full now

  53. Megha

    good service

  54. Sushma

    Excellent cream! Highly recommended!!

  55. Kareena

    Nice and very helpful

  56. Geeta

    This face cream is very rich and refreshing. It feels soft and gentle upon application

  57. Anushree Chatterjee

    It feels soft and gentle upon application

  58. Nisha

    I also use it as suns cream.

  59. Renu

    Very fast delivery and well packed.

  60. Aahana Patel

    they gave me a free pen with the cream

  61. Arpita

    Great quality. I will definitely buy again.

  62. Deepika

    very helpful!

  63. Aarohi

    Love this cream

  64. Priyanka

    Gives extra hydration to skin.

  65. Lata

    No.1 cream, I use everyday

  66. puja

    Nice product.. definitely worth the money

  67. Preeti

    Fast delivery

  68. Poonam

    Excellent cream

  69. Sanah

    thank you! This was great!

  70. Aadarshini Varma

    Good service, good price, good packing and delivered when promised

  71. Maya

    good cream

  72. Madhuri

    Always a perfect seller

  73. Nupur

    Excellent product

  74. Priya

    it does an excellent job

  75. sahoo.kumargourab.gourab

    Nic crem beautiful

  76. Kanika

    it does great and efficient work. will continue to use.

  77. Preeti

    Delivery was fast. Thanks alot

  78. Harshita

    Great quality.

  79. Binto

    Another great order! Thanks.

  80. Deepa

    Wonderful cream

  81. Deepa

    Good experience

  82. rajathi

    delivery was fast

  83. Poonam

    Very nice cream !

  84. Dishita

    Good product

  85. Richa

    Does great job!!!!

  86. Nisha

    Nice cream. Very glad with output.

  87. Rashmi


  88. Rani


  89. Susmita

    Thank you for the quick delivery

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