AcneSilk (15gm)

Herbal Anti Acne & Pimple Cream

(101 customer reviews)

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High performance formula for Acne & Pimple

  • Prevent future breakouts and control excess oil
  • Works for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation
  • Evens shiny effect due to oily skin
  • Useful for skin pores & pits
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AcneSilk Anti Pimple & Acne – This soothing and high performance formula helps to treat existing acne, prevent future breakouts and control excess oil. The bamboo silk confers immediate anti-shine effect for combination to oily skin while the red clover extract helps to improve the skin complexion.

High performance formula for Acne & Pimple

Prevent future breakouts and control excess oil

Works for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation

Evens shiny effect due to oily skin

Useful for skin pores & pits

Why Green Cure?

German Engineering Meets Indian Ayurveda

Formulated by German Scientists & Ayurveda Experts to leverage Western Technology & Indian Wisdom of Ayurveda

Herbal & Ayurvedic

Internationally Certified & Scientifically Proven Ingredients to ensure quick action. Effective from first use itself

International Standard

Created in accordance to European Union Norms. Certified under Made Safe Australia as Made Safe, Non Toxic & Cruelty Free

Safe for you & your Family

Free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic Colour, SLS (Sodium Laurl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

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Doctor Recommended

All our products are recommended by 100+ Doctors and completely safe for you and your family. No doctor prescription required.

Natural Ingredients

Bamboo Silk (बाँस का रेशम)
Bamboo Silk possesses high sebum absorption capacity and evens shiny effect due to oily skin

Salicylic Acid (सॅलिसीलिक)
Salicylic Acid is safe and effective for mild to moderate acne and it’s great for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. It helps in a clearer, more even-toned complexion and diminishes the appearance of dark marks post breakout.

Red Clover Extract (लाल तिपतिया घास)
This extract reduces the appearance of conspicuous and unsightly enlarge pores with a complete mechanism of action to rapidly recover a refined high definition skin.

Magnolia Bark (हिमचम्पा)
Magnolia a bioactive linkage that has anti-inflammatory properties and minimizes skin elasticity loss.

Scientifically Proven


How to Apply?

Clean your face and pat dry. Gently apply a small amount on the affected area.

Is it safe for my skin?

All our products are safest in India. They are free from EDTA, Paraben, Mineral Oil & Paraffin, PEG, PPG, EO, Synthetic Colour, SLS (Sodium Laurl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

Can it be used on oily & combination skin?

It is specially designed for oily skin and besides removing acne, it also removed the extra shiny effect of oily skin.

Can it remove pimple marks and dark spot?

AcneSilk will ensure that you don’t get acne scars in future. For old acne scars and dark spots, try ScarOff.


AcneSilk is for pimples & acne. It is NOT for scars. For scars, please try Scaroff Anti Scar Cream. Click here to try!

101 reviews for AcneSilk (15gm)

  1. Deepika

    pimples gone in 10 days!

  2. Kushmita

    decent product for pimples.. need to apply for 7 days daily for full effect

  3. Somya

    So good cream Acnesilk!!

  4. bhupesh khanna

    It has repaired my acne in 7 days time. No spot left.

  5. Sarla


  6. Sudhesha

    good quality product thanks acnesilk

  7. Rajshri

    Lovely product for pimples….no marks left after pimple reduction

  8. Nimisha

    Great product… value for money…. suitable for my skin and doesn’t makes skin oily

  9. Fatima

    Good product.. but feels irratation when applying

  10. surabhi

    Excellent and safe product!!! I love using this for my pimples.

  11. Natasha Khanna

    such a great product, unbelievable outcome.

  12. Disha

    okay okay pimples returning

  13. Anand

    Highly Safe And excellent cream for acne

  14. babita bhutani

    Highly effective cream. My sister’s acne disappeared.

  15. Pooja Singh

    It works. Please do use it before the pimple or acne reaches to max extent. Use it at the initial stages itself. You will see the results in just 1 week

  16. Aditi Mishra

    I am using this product since 2weeks, my pimples completely get cured after using this product…Great product!!!

  17. Nathan Nathan

    i like this product, truly work it.

  18. Kajal Kalra

    Not good results

  19. Joseph Dass

    Superb product

  20. Kumuda Prabhu

    Best literally best

  21. Vijaya

    Nice product.
    I have a small smal pimples but only one time use I can see the different .
    It’s work slowly but I will get result.

  22. Deepanshi Goyal

    Very effective product…using twice a day…

  23. Amrita

    best product…positive result can be seen under a week

  24. Store Manager

    Best ance-n-pimple cream….

  25. Rachita Gupta

    very good result on acne

  26. Rohita

    Fast action…. really liked the product

  27. Swati Jain

    vanishes acne, no side effect..positive result can be seen under a week

  28. Joseph Dass

    It works really super. Over night result u will observe

  29. sachin bansal

    Best product…suitable for sensitive skin too

  30. Keshalini Balakrishnan

    It worked for me! Awesome

  31. Suruchi Gupta

    I am using this ointment…it is really effective and have all the natural ingredients in it. It really reduces acne without any irritation.

  32. sabajamal02 (verified owner)

    Its working very well on pimples n pimples scar too.. scaling of skin softly,safe n effective.suits my skin .. ordered it again👍

  33. Shweta Aggarwal

    Highly beneficial product

  34. Rudra

    poor service…no delivery to me

  35. Vidya Nadar

    It’s fine. Mild fragrance and healing is satisfying . Scar removal , I have to wait and see

  36. Neha (verified owner)

    I started using this product and it has really helped me alot…. Trust me guys i have seen many of the Dermats in the city just to get rid off this Acne and Scar but they were all recurring as i could not follow up regularly but Green cure products are highly beneficial just start applying it and u will find results from the very 1st week. Thank

  37. Aarti Kashyap

    i have applied this cream on my face and it resolved completely my problem

  38. Priya Solanki

    Very best product…free from harmful chemicals

  39. Rahul Mehra

    superb product…no side effects

  40. Sushma

    i have seen a best result very closely

  41. Abhishek tyagi

    My sister started using this product…its really helpful…She has tried many creams earlier to get rid of acne but those creams are good for nothing…Greencure products are highly beneficial and we can find result from the very first week.

  42. Nisha

    Great rpoduct..helped in 10 days

  43. Ashish Arora

    Excellent and safe product

  44. Robin

    Best acne and pimple cream… safe and effective…suits my skin… ordered it again

  45. SOWJANYA (verified owner)

    Its Not good as written on review, after applying this cream 2 to 3 times my skin started peeling and even pimples are not yet reduced

  46. Neeraj Singh

    Amazing herbal product for acne without any side effects.

  47. Rashmi Shukla

    I was searching a effective cream for acne for a long time, acnesilk end my searching finally.

  48. Hare Ram Sharma

    nice for all type of skin

  49. Rajni Kumari

    most attractive acne problem shorting cream

  50. batra

    such a effective cream for acne

  51. Rani


  52. Asmita Seth

    It is also use full for combination to dry skin type. I have also some marks in my face due to pimples,It also helpful to remove them ?

    • Green Cure

      Yes ma’am, AcneSilk works perfectly for both oily & combination skin. For pimple marks, please try Scaroff.

  53. Shwetha

    I have got acne and also pimple marks so how do I use ur product I need a solution for 2 problem also so plz help me out

    • Green Cure

      Ma’am, you can use AcneSilk for pimples and for old pimple marks, you can use Scaroff.

  54. Vijaya Iyer (verified owner)

    Can v use dis product while baby is on breastfeed?

    • Green Cure

      Yes, it can be used without any worries!

  55. Sathya

    Will this work for acne scar too !?

  56. Rahul Bhandari

    Amazing anti acne cream

  57. Anand

    Nice cream for acne

  58. Neha Ingale

    Nice product

  59. Ajithprasad C


  60. Revathi


  61. Paridhi Jain

    i were finding a product since last 3-4 years which can solve my acne problem and used many products on my face but result was zero. But now this product completely solve it. love this product .

  62. Sakshi thakur

    I want to know about this cream …is it really work on scars and pimples

    • Green Cure

      Ma’am, you can use our products without any worries. we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our products.

  63. Ajay Kumar

    This is the best acne treatment product I have ever used.This actually works and we could see the difference in the very first week of use. I have many acne in my face and highly recommended for oily and acne prone akin.It reduces pimples and gives you a smooth and polished skin.

  64. Sunaina

    Very nice product

  65. Vinita

    Its a very good product ,i use it twice a day since one month i found it very effective.

  66. payal

    Fabulous product!!! I love using this product for my pimples.

  67. Ishita Jain

    Excellent and safe product, I used this and after 2weeks my pimples completely cured.

  68. Ashmita

    I started using this and after 2 weeks my pimples disappeared. It definitely works!

  69. Anand

    looking for acne cream – go for acnesilk once

  70. Kajal Kalra

    highly effective on acne

  71. Himanshi

    Wonderful product… highly recommended

  72. Aaniya Arora

    Best product…we can find result from the very first week

  73. aisha

    superb quality product

  74. khusi sharma

    best product

  75. Apoorna jain

    Amazing herbal anti acne cream…free from carcinogenic and allergen chemicals…..

  76. Deeksha Dhariwal

    very good product in minimum range.

  77. Geeta Sachdeva

    Best acne-n-pimple cream….
    Please try

  78. Ankita jain

    Fabulous product… using since last two weeks..too much effective to remove acne …. best product I have ever used

  79. Surbhi Chaudhary

    much better product with no side effects

  80. saraswati

    superb product

  81. Gauri

    good customer servcie..delivred in 3day

  82. Sonia Sharma

    It is very useful to avoid pimples .i have been using it since 2 months.

  83. Riteshi Singh

    Great herbal product without any smell…

  84. vijay sharma

    Fast action..well suited to sensitive skin

  85. preeti

    Great product!!!

  86. shivani

    Thanku greencure for giving such unremarkable anti acne cream.

  87. Meena Shukla

    Great product…value for money

  88. Harsha Thakur

    complete & effective treatment of acne

  89. Alka Jain

    its a very cost cutting product with a best result

  90. Arihant

    Acne silk cream from greencure wellness is amazing product for treating acne. It also helps to remove spots of the same.

  91. Aura

    nice cream

  92. Harmanpreet Kaur

    amazing cream

  93. Takshi gupta

    Great product… neither sticky nor smelly…herbal cream…highly recommended product.

  94. anand

    thinking for worse pimple, dont fear acnesilk is here

  95. saraswati

    outstanding performance in acne

  96. Rekha

    Helpful antiseptic cream

  97. Rahul Sharma

    Good for people who are suffering from various skin problems

  98. vineeta gupta

    Great product…highly recommended

  99. deepanshi

    nice for acne

  100. Nipun

    Fast action…well suited to sensitive skin…..

  101. Sunita

    Best acne treatment product

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